Madhu Basu
Born in Kolkata (Calcutta) India

Studied : Indian Art College, Kolkata (Calcutta),
Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (ENSBA) (1989-1991)


Works and lives in Paris (FR)






• Painting Award of jury, Brive city art competition, « Brive creation 2013 » contemporary art (FR)



• Painting Award « Viry-Chatillon city » Contemporary Art Show (FR)



• Ille and Vilaine District Arward , Saint-Gregory city Grand Award Painting Competition (FR)
• War and Peace Award at Delta Gallery, Paris (FR)
• Corbeil-Essonnes city Award , 2nd International  Biennial of Contemporary Art Exhibition (FR)



• Radio OF'M Award, « Itinerary's » Art show, Levallois-Perret city (FR)



• 3rd award Maurice Quentin de laTour , International Biennal of Pastel ,

Saint-Quentin city (FR)






Exhibition « Before and after » Médiathèque Maurice Schumann , Nogent-sur-Oise (solo) (Fr)
Exhibition « The fine-Arts - objets » Condorcet cultural center , Viry- Châtillon city »(Fr)



Exhibition« The 20th ARTCITY show » Town hall, Fontenay - sous-bois city (Fr)
Exhibition «It's Gold Art » organised by « The friends Arts Association of Roscoff city at the Mathurin Meheut cultural complex »(Fr)
Exhibition « Breath of Oxygen : the water » Condorcet cultural complex , Viry-Chatillon city(Fr)



Exhibition« In.- Fra.» Contemprary art show by the Artist of India & France at Gallery Romain Rolland Alliance Française,Delhi (Ind)



Exhibition« Four Bengali artists from Paris» Academy of Fine arts, Kolkata (Ind)
Exhibition« Contemporary practices » Gallery Kolkata (Ind)
Exhibition «Beauvoisin » Drôme District (solo)(FR)
Exhibition « Minority treaty of Versailles Centenary 1919-2019 » Romanian International art Academy ((Bucharest))



Exhibition « State of grace » Envie art gallery , Paris (FR)
Artvie - Gallery « Rare books and Art objects show » 19th century Exhibition center , Paris (FR)
The tenth anniversary exhibition of Insula gallery , Paris (FR)
Fifteenth Serres Lez'arts contemporary art exhibition , Haute-Alpes(FR)



Exhibition « Divine faith » (solo) Academy of fine arts , Kolkata (Ind)
Exhibition « Eye on India » Paris 6th Counsil , (FR)
Exhibition « GOLD » Opera Gallery , Dubai (EU)



Exhibition « All uniform » Nomad gallery , Arles town (FR)
Exhibition « Multinational dialogue » Dimitrie Gusti national village museum , Bucharest (Romania)
• Exhibition Vendmiaire’s Thirty-years , St Mathieu de Treviers (FR)



« Universal Arty food »(solo) Organized by Brive city municipal art plastic center (FR)
Roscoff city Art show , Exhibition organized by Roscoff Art and cultural association (FR)



Artvie gallery ,International engraving & drawing show , 19th century exhibition center , Paris (FR)
« Varition in the circle » Modern & contemporary art fund , Boris vian art forum , Montlucon (FR)
Carte blanche to Madhu Basu , Hotel Dieu, Brie-Comte- Robert city , Seine & Marne district (FR)
« Singularity » Hotel Rochegude & Guetteurs association, Albi city (FR)
« Open your eyes » 20th development of the art, Avignon city (FR)
« Affordable art fair » Singapore, Envi art gallery, Paris (FR)



« Series & Variation »,Contemporary Art show, Verrieres-le-Buisson city (FR)
« Brive Creation2013 »,Contemporary Art show, Brive - la - Gaillard city (FR)
10th Contemporary Art show, Serres (FR)



4th edition of Contemporary Art show , Albi (FR)
9th Contemporary Art show, Serres (FR)



« kolkata - Madrid » Gallery Insula , Paris (FR)
Kreis museum , Peine (DE)
3rd India Art Summit , Gallery Exhibit320, New Delhi , Curated by

Shaheen Merali



• Gallery Franancoise Souchaud(solo), Lyon city (FR)
• « Besides Paris » curated by Shaheen Merali , Birla Academy, Kolkata
• Artnim art Faire, 11th edition, Gallery Francoise Shouchad



• Gallery olivier Nouvellet , Paris (solo) (FR)
• « Essential » Galerie Insula , Yeu Island (FR)
• « The Black is a color » Bastille design center , organised by Gallery Insula (FR)
• « Eternal India » Arts of Carrefour , Normandie (FR)

80th Anniversary of Indan-Institut , Munich, organised by

gallery Muller-Palate (DE)



• Jacques-Prevert art forum , Traverse Association , Mers-les-Bains (solo) (FR)
• « MOSAIC » Choice of Christan Noorbergen (art critic)
• Harmony art show, Mumbai
• 10th annversary exhibition of gallery Muller-Palate, Munich (DE)



• East-by-east Gallery, Paris (solo) (FR)
• MAC2007, Paris (FR)
• Comparison Art show, 19th century exhibition center in Paris (FR)
• Harmony art show, Mumbai
• 25 contemporay Indian Artists, Zurabe Tsereteli art gallery and Russian Academy of Arts , Moscow



• OBJ'M Galerie, Lyon city, (solo) (FR)
• Lieu-dit arts Gallery, west France(solo) (FR)
• « ASIA » , Cardo contemporary art Gallery, Reims city (FR)
• Artists of India, Courbouly Center of art, le Mans city (FR)
• Auz Arts show, Auz city Tolosan , Toulouse (FR)
• CRAC, 10th Biennial of contemporary Arts , Champigny-sur-Marne (FR)
• The Biennial of Lions , Lyon-Turin (FR, IT)



• Crous fine-arts Gallery, Paris (solo) (FR)
• MAC2005, Paris (FR)
• Indian Artists in France, India House, Paris (FR)
• « The ephemeral studio » GRENADE advertising agency, Puteaux city (FR)



• Grand Gallery, Viry-Chatillon city, (solo) (FR)
• « Entracte » Cultural Centre of Sable-sur-Sarthe city, (FR)
• Municipality Cultural Center, Gentilly city, (solo) (FR)
• Indian Artist for the France,Alliance Francaise and French Embassy, Delhi   
• MIAC Puls Art, Le Mans city, (FR)
• South-East art show, Lyon city, (FR)
• Autumn art show, Paris (FR)
• « Lions in Lyon, homage to World » organised by Emma Productions (FR)



• Multimedia Library Gallery, Saint-Gregoire city, (solo) (FR)
• Delta Gallery, Paris, (solo) (FR)
• Romain-Rolland Gallery, Delhi Alliance Francaise (solo)
• MAC 2000, Espace Auteuil, Paris (FR)
• « Centenary » Autumn art show, Espace Auteuil , Paris  (FR)
• 3rd European Contemporary Art Fair, organized by Art-Metz , (FR)
• Gallery White Elephant , Paris (FR)
• « Emergence » organized by Vanves city (FR)
• MIAC Puls Art, Le Mans city (FR)
• Contemporary art show, Viry-Chatillon city (FR)



• MontmArt Foundation and MAOH , Neuilly Sur Seine(solo) (FR)
• The Art Gallery, Corbeil-Essonnes (solo) (FR)
• 2nd International Biennial of Contemporary Art , Corbeil-Essonnes (FR)
• Autumn art show, Espace Auteuil , Paris (FR)
• International Grand Award Painting competition ,Saint-Gregory city (FR)
• 13th International Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey
• Jacques-Prevert Art forum, Traverse Association , Mers-les-Bains (solo) (FR)



• MAC 2000, Espace Auteuil , Paris (FR)
• 10th Biennial of 109, Contemporary Art Exhibition , Paris (FR)
• 1st European Contemporary Art Fair, organized by Art.Metz , (FR)
• « India, Art of Cross roads » Gallery F.H. Art Forum , Paris (FR)
• Itinerant Exhibition (2000-2002) organized by « Contemporary seniors and youngs Art show » in the following countries : France, Luxembourg, Venezuela, Republique Dominicaine, Togo, Croatie, Taiwan, South Korea



« Confluence » Alternative Art Gallery, Kolkata (solo)
Serio Vittorio Art Gallery, Paris (solo) (FR)
May Art show, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris (FR)
AutomneArt Show, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris (FR)
« 40th Contemporary seniors and youngs » Art show, Paris (FR)
1st International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Corbeil-Essonnes (FR)



• « Universal-Men » Theatre Art Gallery Vanves city (solo) (FR)
• 10th International Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey
• MAC 2000, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris (FR)



• « MAGMA » Espace Lino-Ventura, Garge-les-Gonesse city (solo) (FR)
• Exhibition and auction by National Association for the Blinds, Mumbai
• Exhibition « City Arts, » Hundred Years of Aube Artistic Society, Troyes (FR)
• « 150th Anniversary of Communist Act » organized by French Communist Party, Paris (FR)
• Exhibition « Contre le racisme » organized by General Worker union (FR)
• « 50Years of Universal Declaration of Human Rights » Paris Comity (CGT) (FR)
• MAC 2000, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris (FR)



« 3rd Festival of Artists » organized by Paul-Ricard
Contemporary Art show of Bagneux city (FR)
Biennial of South 92, Issy-les-Moulineaux (FR)
« The portrait in the year 2000 » Salon d'Arts Plastiques de Marne-la-Valley,

Noisy-le-grand (FR)

51th Salon de Mai, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris (FR)



• « Universal-Men » Molesmes Abbey (solo)(FR)
• « Others Glance » Galerie High-Pave, Paris (FR)
• «Painters workshop » organized by Museumart magazine and Paul-Ricard(FR)
• «The secret of Pastellistes » Saint-Quentin city (FR)
• 50th May Art show, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris (FR)

«Itinerary » art show, Levallois-Perret city (FR)



• Espace Gaity Montparnasse, Paris (solo) (FR)
• Forum of University Paris XIII, Villetaneuse city(solo) (FR)
• «Contemporary Grands and youngs Art show » Espace Eiffel-Branly,Paris (FR)
• Marne-la-Valley Artshow, Noisy-le-Grand city (FR)

84th Art show of'Aube Artistic Society, Troyes city (FR)



• Gandhara  art Gallery, Kolkata (solo)
• 4th International Biennal of Pastel, Saint-Quentin city (FR)
• 64th Contemporay spring time Art show, Clichy city (FR)
• Marne-la-Valley Artshow, Noisy-le-Grand city (FR)



"At the Souvenir of France", Organized French Embassy and Lalit Kala Akademi, New-Dehli



• Paul Ricard Cultural Espace, Paris (solo) (FR)


1991   • Ile-de-France 3rd Forum of Arts Plastic, Les Ulis et Aubervilliers city (FR)





Viry-Chatillon City (FR)
LeMans City (FR)
Gentilly City (FR)
Association Sept Lezards, Paris (FR)
Corbeil-Essonnes City (FR)
MontmArt Foundation, Paris (FR)
The Tamil Cultural Association in The Reunion Island, (FR)

Association of Plastic Art, Marne-La-Valley, (FR)
Caisse d'Epargne, Saint-Mathieu de Treviers (Herault), (FR)
Represented in several private collections in India, France, USA, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Luxemburg, Japan.



Press Articles



Lyon CAPITAL • Artension No7 • BBC • Statesman • Telegraph • Times of India • Deshe Patrika • First City • Catalogue de E.R.C.A (Seine Saint-Denis) • Ananda Bazar Patrika • Metro Lyon • Paris Capital • Lyon Mag • Azart Magazine • World panorama magazine • News India • Museart Magazine • India Magazine • Match du Monde, (Paris Match) • Contemporary Object, special edition AZART Magazine • Luxe Immo n°2 (Luxury Real Estat & Contemporary Art magazine) • 100Artists100 paris, special edition, Artension magazine • Sunday Business Standard